The Contest of Devourment is a traditional Nekross event where two individuals are forced to compete against one another. The Contest is usually a race to find an individual, object or succeed in a task that will benefit the Nekross. The loser is killed as punishment.

History Edit

Kooth persuades the Nekross King to launch the contest after telling him that the people of Nekron disrespect him. Varg and Lexi are forced to compete in finding Tom Clarke, the loser is planned to be eaten alive by the Nekross King himself. After Lexi and Varg say their goodbyes, Varg announces he has already won and reveals he has used a clockwork decoy of the source of all magic as a bomb to kill Tom and his family. Lexi is held by the Nekross Guards to be devoured but the contest is interrupted by Kooth's attack on the Zarantulus. All Out War!

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