Elizabeth Hatcher
Elizabeth Hatcher
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Head of Psyke Games

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The Thirteenth Floor

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Jo Martin (main)
Sandra Scott (old)

Elizabeth Hatcher was the Unenchanted head of game company, Psyke Games. After travelling through a Never-way, she spent the rest of her life in the Neverside.

Biography Edit

Elizabeth Hatcher was known for her strict and moody nature to her employees incuding Alicia Ferguson. Working at Wyvern House, Hatcher knew Mervyn the janitor, but she had no idea that he was a Troll who was responsible for a huge number of disappearances. When Benny Sherwood arrived for a work experience, Hatcher attempted to get in his good books after realising that his father, Richard Sherwood was head of Sherwood Intelligence, a very successful business. Hatcher attempted to take Benny to a meeting with her but she forgot her phone. After sending Benny back to her office to fetch it for her, Hatcher took the lift, agreeing to meet Benny on the ground floor. However, the lift was, in fact, a Never-way, leading to the Neverside, controlled by Mervyn. When Benny arrived on the ground floor, Hatcher had disappeared without a trace.

When Tom Clarke and Lexi (in her human form Lucy) travelled to the Neverside, they ran into Elizabeth Hatcher, but she had aged, saying she has been in the Neverside over thirty years. The group were then attacked by a Satyr (in reality, Lexi's brother Varg) and split up. Hatcher was pursued and presumably killed as her cries could be heard throughout the forest. The Thirteenth Floor

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