Eva Starling
Biographical information
Physical description

Human, Wizardkind



Family information
Series information
Only appearance

The Quantum Effect

Portrayed By

Cherie Lunghi


Eva Starling is a cunning wizard and colleague of Ursula Crowe.


An encounter with a Yeti in the Himalayas, years ago, led Ursula to believe Eva had been eaten up. The Quantum Effect

After hearing tales of a Red Demon in the area, Eva investigates on her motorbike. However, she soon contacts Ursula Crowe for help. Soon, Ursula and Michael Clarke arrive, but Eva is bitten by a Trackerbug and teleported up to the Zarantulus. However, before the Nekross extracts her magic, Eva bargains for her life and lies that she will take them to the Neverside to get magic. It is later revealed that she tricked the Nekross and was able to free herself and many other wizard captives. The Quantum Effect

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