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Gilbert Lord
Gilbert Lord
Biographical information

Grandad Gilbert


unnamed wife

Physical description




Hair color


Family information

Unofficial caretaker


Blackberry Theatre

Series information
Only appearance

The Daughters of Stone

Portrayed By

Vincent Bramble


Gilbert Lord is the eccentric grandfather of Katie Lord and unofficial caretaker of the Blackberry Theatre.

Biography Edit

Gilbert Lord was an actor at the Blackberry Theatre, where he met his wife, until it was closed down. Throughout the years, Gilbert stopped the council from knocking it down. The Daughters of Stone

While rehearsing a speech, Gilbert was interrupted by the seats mysteriously moving and lights flickering. After going backstage to investigate, Gilbert ended up coming face to face with Old Bethesta, a Neverside Witch, who had come through a tear in the Line of Twilight to free her daughters, Lemshar and Roschad. This experience left him in hospital, badly shocked by what he had seen. This prompted Katie Lord, with the help of Tom Clarke, to investigate what he could have seen. The Daughters of Stone

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