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Nekross King

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100 Wizards

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All Out War!

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Victoria Wicks


Chancellor Kooth was the mother of Jathro and a member of the Nekross race. She ruled Nekron whilst the royal family travelled the universe to find Magic and would contact them on The Zarantulus so as to to keep up to date with their war against Wizards.

Biography Edit

Kooth contacted the Zarantulus to ask for more magic. 100 Wizards

She appeared to be planning something with Jathro that the Nekross King must never know. The Curse of CroweEndless Night

Kooth arrived on the Zarantulus to propose the Contest of Devourment in which Varg and Lexi would be forced to compete in capturing Tom Clarke once and for all, the loser being devoured by the Nekross King. This was soon revealed to be a distraction to let Jathro steel the Catromeister Quatrozeen which gave Kooth control of an armada of spaceships with which she could overthrow the royals and destroy Earth. After revealing Jathro to be her son, Kooth launched an attack on the Zarantulus.

Kooth dead

Kooth's final moments

Kooth was defeated when her forces were sent back to Nekron by Tom. Kooth was transported to the Zarantulus and eaten alive by the Nekross King. All Out War!


Kooth has light blue skin and like all Nekross has two antenna but like Jathro she does not have an second eye and mouth on them. Her spikes are a bit flared and she has tendril-like things on her chin. Her attire consists of a blue and orange robe, symbolising her status.

Gallery Edit

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