Lucy is the human form of Lexi, who bore a son to Tom Clarke.

Life and near deathEdit

Lucy was originally Lexi, created to fool Tom so the Nekross could acquire information about magic and where to find it.

In Friend Or Foe, she was kidnapped along with Tom by Stephanie Gaunt, who knew magic existed, and wanted to prove it. She was later transformed back into her alien form and rescued by VargBennyMichael and Ursula Crowe. The latter are horrified to discover that she is actually Lexi, but Varg is undisturbed by that fact, as he already knew, being her brother and helping her transformation to a human.

Lucy returned in The Thirteenth Floor when she is sent to Wyvern House to find Varg, who had disappeared on a mission to find a magical energy source. Lucy had found Benny and Alicia hiding in a lab but was then confronted by Tom. In a bid to escape Lucy, Tom ran into Wyvern House's lift but Lucy followed. Unknown to them that the lift was actually a gateway, the two were transported to the Neverside . They became trapped there for twenty years and  (as Lexi was Lucy, and so a human with human emotions and diet - she no longer needed magic) the pair fell in love and bore a child, Benny Jr. After they were rescued, Tom, Lexi and Varg were reverted to their old selves and Benny Jr ceased to exist. Tom and Lexi forgot everything, but the memories lived on in their dreams. However, the stone circle gave them back their memories in Endless Night.

Lucy's final appearance was All Out War. She had Zanti Scale contamination and Tom saved her life by giving her Lucy's body. She was also reunited with Benny Jr. Then, two of them are then free to live a life together. This had an impact on all shown seeing her transform ( Tom, Varg.....) but the people of Nekron's thoughts remain unknown, but they were probably angry ( as she was now a human) yet pleased that she A. Wasn't a wizard and B.That their princess was now not set to die a horrible and painful death.