Old Bethesta
Old Bethesta
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Neverside Witch



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The Daughters of Stone

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Adjoa Andoh


Old Bethesta is a hideous Neverside Witch whose daughters were turned to stone by Caractacus Crowe.

Biography Edit

Old Bethesta fought in the Neverside Wars against Caractacus Crowe who defeated her and turned her evil daughters, Lemshar and Roschad to stone. However, the daughters' magical essence occasionally escaped their prison and became known as the ghost of the Blackberry Theatre. The Daughters of Stone

After escaping back into the Dayside through a tear in the Line of Twilight, Old Bethesta returned to the Blackberry Theatre, intending to find Crowe magic to free her daughters. After she scared Gilbert Lord, Katie Lord and Tom Clarke investigated the theatre and soon found out what was going on. Although she had intended to kidnap Tom to use his Crowe magic to free her daughters, Old Bethesta took Ursula Crowe instead. However, Tom, with the help of Simeon Swann, was able to use the Staff of Crowe to trick her and turn Bethesta to stone too. The Daughters of Stone

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