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Randal Moon's Creatures of the Neverside
Randal Moon S3 promo
Preceded by:
Varg's Vidcast
Followed by:
Series information
Stories: 2 episodes
Original run: 4th November 2014 - 18th November 2014
Key Crew

Randal Moon's Creatures of the Neverside is a series of short webisodes, shown on the official CBBC website. Each webisode features Randal Moon giving a guide about different creatures from the Neverside and what to do when faced with them.

Synopsis Edit

Part 1 Edit

Randal Moon provided a guide to Banshees, Hobbledehoys and Trolls.

Part 2 Edit

Randal Moon provides a guide to Faeries, Dragons and Witches.

Cast Edit

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