Ring of Healing
Ring of Healing
General Information
Homeworld Earth
Biology Type Enchanted Ring
Evolution Status Magical
Series Information
First Appearance Dawn of the Nekross

A Ring of Healing is a magical ring which can be used by a wizard to cure an individual of a curse or illness. The ring has an Amber gem which lights up and produces a strong scent of magic when held by a wizard.

History Edit

A Ring of Healing was in the possession of Robert France. He attempted to enchant it with help from the Eye of Questoroth at Burnt Hill Stone Circle but was teleported along with his son, Mark, onto the Zarantulus. The Ring was dropped on the ground and later found by Tom Clarke and Benny Sherwood. Benny took the ring back to school so as to run some tests but was attacked by Miss Webster who has been taken over by a Voolox. Presuming the ring to be alien, Benny gave the ring to Tom before he defeated the Voolox. Later Tom, Benny, Ursula and Michael rescued and returned Robert and Mark to Earth. Tom gave back the ring to Robert who hoped he could use it to return Mark's magic and return him to his normal self. Dawn of the Nekross

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