General Information
Homeworld Neverside
Series Information
Notable Individuals Varg (satyr form)
First Appearance The Thirteenth Floor

Satyrs are magical creatures that typically live in The Neverside. They appear as humanoids with slightly hairy bodies and two curved ram horns on both sides of their heads.

Biography Edit

Varg transforms into a Satyr when he enters the Neverside through a Neverway. Varg, as a Satyr, attacks Tom Clarke and Lucy (Lexi's human form). He eats up the aged Mrs Hatcher, before chasing after Tom and Lucy. The pair take shelter in an abandoned hut, protected by a magical barrier made by Tom. The Thirteenth Floor

Trivia Edit

  • An interesting feature of Varg's Satyr form is that he wears metal armour. It is presumed that this is his Nekross armour that was turned into metal armour when he entered the Neverside because tech doesn't exist in the Neverside.

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