Series 1
Series 1 Poster
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Series 2
Series information
Stories: 6 (12 episodes)
Original run: 29th September 2012 - 4th December 2012
Key Crew
Director(s): Daniel O'Hara
Griff Rowland
Joss Agnew
Producer(s): Brian Minchin
Russell T Davies
Bethan Jones

Series 1 was produced by Brian Minchin with executive producers Russell T Davies and Bethan Jones. It featured the dawn and downfall of the Nekross species as they tried to capture Wizards to feed upon.

Episode Guide Edit

Story no. Episode no.


Air Date

1 01
Dawn of the Nekross 29th October 2012
30th October 2012
2 03
Grazlax Attacks 5th November 2012
6th November 2012
3 05
Rebel Magic 12th November 2012
13th November 2012
4 07
Friend or Foe 19th November 2012
20th November 2012
5 09
Fall of the Nekross 26th November 2012
27th November 2012
6 11
The Last Day 3rd December 2012
4th December 2012

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