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Vice Versa

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All Out War

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Brian Herring (voice)


Stickley is a mischievous Hobbledehoy. He currently lives with Randal Moon in the Chamber of Crowe.


Stickley is first seen mourning his brother Squiggley's death then Tom Clarke starts to talk in rhyme to him before Tom's father Michael knocks him out and they take him to The Chamber of Crowe. When at the chamber he at first refuses to reverse Squiggley's enchantment after many attempts Tom is able to break Stickley's rhyme with an orange as there is no word that rhymes with it. Finally Stickley casts a reverse enchantment returning Tom and Ursula their Magic, Benny his intelligence and Varg his fierce personality. But due to not completing the rhyme Stickley starts to die but Tom manages to save him by finding a word that rhymes with orange - Gorringe (the surname of the grocer who sold the orange). Randal Moon decides to keep Stickley in the chamber until he is well enough to return to The Neverside but Stickley likes the look of the chamber and wonders if he should stay there. Vice Versa

Stickley is seen still living in the chamber and lives in a cage. Moon and Benny consider letting him guard the chamber while they seach for the Mirror of Enchantment but are uncomfortable with the idea due to Stickley's mischievous nature. The Cave of Menla-Gto

After the Nekross attack on the Clarke house, Stickley comments that Ursula is dying before being told to shut up by Moon. All Out War!


  • For unknown reasons, Stickley is absent from Series 3, leaving it unknown if he still lives in the Chamber of Crowe or that he returned to the Neverside.

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