The Quest Master
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Guardian of the Relm of the Key of Bones

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The Key of Bones

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Junix Inocian


The Quest Master was an immortal Wizard who served as the Guardian of the Relm of the Key of Bones in Shanghai. He served as a mischievous guide to the puzzles and traps that formed the quest for the Key of Bones. He was however strict about the competitors abiding by his quest rules.

One time, Tom Clarke, his father Michael and grandfather Simeon Swann along with Varg and his wife Lyzera entered the Relm to get to the Key. Tom was successful in getting the Key, but Lyzera destroyed it and caused her and Varg to be banished from the Relm by The Quest Master (unaware that Lyzera took a piece to make a clone Key to use to summon Warlock).

However, Tom and the others were able to find a way to repair the Key: by taking the remaining pieces into The Neverside which Simon did after bidding farewell to Tom, Michael and his wife Ursula Crowe. With his job complete after centuries of watching over the Relm, The Quest Master passed beyond the Veil.

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