Twilight Falls
S3E5 Tom
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The Key of Bones
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Story information
Series: 3
Story: 5
Air date: 24/11/2014 (Part 1)
25/11/2014 (Part 2)
Key crew
Writer: Phil Ford
Director: Mark Everest
Producer: Derek Ritchie

Twilight Falls is the fifth and final story of the third series.

Synopsis Edit

Part 1Edit

Randal Moon learns that the Lady Lyzera intends to release Warlock from his centuries-long exile on the Neverside and he is faced with a decision that may destroy the Chamber of Crowe. Soon, Tom is thrown into a fight to save the Dayside from destruction with an unlikely new partner.

Part 2Edit

Tom jazz and Moon try to stop Warlock escaping the Neverside through the Doorway of Long Shadows. They discover to their horror that there is another way into the Dayside through the chamber which he leaf collapsing – to save the world Tom will have to overcome not only the Nekross but his own darkest fears and in the end tom defeats the high wraith lord and his ancestor appears to congratulate him.

Story Notes Edit

  • This story marks the first appearance of Caractacus Crowe and Warlock in person.
  • This story also marks the introduction of what was intended to be a new regular character, Jazz James. However, the show was placed on hiatus.